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Our mortgage repayment calculator , over-payment and interest calculators are provided as snapshot guide to the repayments, interest payments and reducing balances attributed to 3 common types of mortgage in the whole of open market. They have been designed to provide you with a quick evaluation of the financial monthly commitment you can expect for your borrowed sum and duration period. The mortgage repayment calculator is provided for reference only as there are considerably more variations and flexible attributes in modern mortgage packages.

Repayment VS Investment

This mortgage repayment calculator allows you to see the differences between taking out a traditional repayment mortgage and an Investment mortgage, assuming different interest rates and different investment return rates.  See Guidance.

Interest Rate Calculator

This calculator allows you to see the difference made by changes in the interest rate.  This makes no allowance for the repayment of capital and so the cost of a real mortgage may be higher… use calculator

Overpayment Calculator

The over-payment ( mortgage repayment calculator ) module is useful for determining the reduction in mortgage term length and overall savings on a reduced term following an increased payment contribution.

Mortgage Repayment Calculator

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Alternative Growth Rates

The data below highlights which option (repayment or investment) is better. A positive figure in the route comparison means that the Investment route is better value for money, A negative one means that a repayment option has the edge

GrowthFuture Fund ValueRoute Comparison
6% P.A. Less
4% P.A. Less
2% P.A. Less
Assumption Correct
2% P.A. More
4% P.A. More
6% P.A. More

Interest Rate Calculator

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Overpayment Calculator

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